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Peer Activities


There is a peer support groups that meet in the TH Drop-In Center:

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If you are interested in participating in groups and/or activities, contact Mike at 360-7926.

Gifts of Hope Group - Tuesdays at 3:30pm: Create Gifts of Hope that will be shared with TH supporters. You can also make gifts to share with others. Call Bonnie at 360-7926 for more details.


TH Groups and Activities Calendar: April 2018

Please note: Groups & Activities are subject to change.

Staff is using group materials from the S.E.L.F. curriculum and from Brene Brown. For more on this trauma-informed curriculum, visit Sanctuary Model.

TH believes Recovery is more than an absence of symptoms - it is about finding life joy and living a holistically well life! Please join us in this journey together!


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